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23 JAN 2009


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Kathy Hsieh


Kathy Hsieh


Actor, Director, Producer, Writer
Based in Seattle, WA

AFTRA, SAG-eligible, formerly AEA

Artist's Stats & Personals




September 15
Logan, UT

Artist's Bio

In addition to ReAct, Kathy has acted with the Seattle Repertory Theatre, A Contemporary Theatre, Book-It, Intiman, The Group, Empty Space, Northwest Asian American Theatre, Tacoma Actors Guild, Taproot Theatre Company, Freehold and many more.

An award-winning actor, director, and writer, Kathy is also a founder, producer, creator, writer and actor with SIS Productions' hit episodic show - Sex in Seattle.

Kathy can also be seen in numerous industrials, educational videos and CD-roms as well as several films including Fortune Hunters, Alone, Boy Wonderz, Dear Little Sweet Thang Nita, Beacon Hill Boys, Birthright, Valentine's Day and the documentary Motherhood Manifesto. She can be heard in the audiobooks Stealing Time and Reflecting the Sky. Other past acting credits include: Snow Falling on Cedars, FOB, The Laramie Project, Letters to a Student Revolutionary, The Three Musketeers, And the Soul Shall Dance, A Christmas Carol, Oklahoma!, The Comedy of Errors, Miss Minidoka 1943, Romeo & Juliet, Who Killed the Dragon Lady, Voices of Christmas, Hay Fever, and many more. She also toured for 8 years with the award-winning Living Voices doing over 1,000 performances of Within the Silence around the country.

Kathy can be seen monthly covering the local theatre scene on the Seattle Channel's Art zone in Studio with Nancy Guppy.

As a director, Kathy has also worked with SIS, the Northwest Asian American Theatre, Annex, Pilgrim Center for the Arts, and others, and won Best of the Fest for David Henry Hwang's Sound of a Voice in the New City Theatre's Directors' Festival. Her other directing credits include: Dance & the Railroad, The Odd Couple, Twinkle, The Big Nisei Broadcast and Unvanquished as well as numerous readings.

Kathy's scripts have been performed or read in Vancouver, B.C., Minneapolis, Chicago and Seattle. She has also been features in The Dramatist Magazine as "50 to Watch."

By day she works at the Mayor's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs for the City of Seattle.

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KEVIN: "It's not right if the woman asks the man?"   SUYUAN: "And each week, we would hope to be lucky. That hope was our only joy. And that's how we came to call our little parties Joy Luck."

Kathy with T.J. Langley in ReAct's To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday. March 2006
Photo: David Hsieh.


Kathy with Masumi Hayashi-Smith and Katie Tupper in a scene from ReAct's The Joy Luck Club. January 2003.
Photo: Rick Wong.


The Headshot of KATHY HSIEH

Kathy Hsieh
Photo: Jennifer M. Tucker

ReAct Stagework

Directing Credits
The Dining Room
The Loveliest Afternoon
 of the Year

Miss Minidoka 1943

Acting Credits
The Curious Savage - Fairy May
Prelude to a Kiss (2nd Run) - Leah (Understudy)
Crimes of the Heart - Lenny
Independence - Kess
Barefoot in the Park - Corrie
All in the Timing (3rd Run) - Ensemble
S.A.M. I Am - Betty
"Audition Antics" (1st Run) - Ensemble
A Lovely Sunday for
 Creve Coeur
- Dorothea
Miss Minidoka 1943 - Takako/Amy
The Other Shore (Play Reading) - Narrator
The Joy Luck Club - Suyuan
Stranger (Staged Reading) - Narrator/Stewardess
Wonder of the World (Staged Reading) - Cass
Decade of ReAct - Ensemble
The Seven Chinese Brothers (Staged Story Reading, Both Runs) - Narrator
To Gillian On Her 37th
(Staged Reading) - Kevin
To Gillian On Her 37th
- Kevin
You Can't Take It
 With You
- Penny
Rabbit Hole (Play Reading) - Becca

Artist's Contact Information

Topo Swope Talent
>>Agent Website
Agent Voicemail:
(206) 443-2021
>>Direct Email
>>Email via ReAct
>>Website Link


Artist's Photo Gallery

LENNY: "Do you hear me, Chick the Stick! This is my home! This is my house! Get out!"
Kathy with Colleen Paker and Lisa Marie
Nakamura in a scene from ReAct's
Crimes of the Heart. July 1996.
Photo: David Hsieh.

DOROTHEA: "Bodey, what are you doing at the phone which I begged you not to use till Ralph has called?"
Jo Anne Buchanan with Kathy
in a scene from ReAct's A
Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur
October 2000.
Photo: David Hsieh.


Kathy with the cast of ReAct's
Barefoot in the Park. November 1997.
Photo: David Hsieh.

FAIRY: "Mirror, mirror on the wall...who is the best dressed of them all?...Fairy who?"
Kathy with Tama Tokuda and
Lisa Marie Nakamura in ReAct's
The Curious Savage. July 1993.
Photo: David Hsieh.

BETTY: "I really hate to interrupt...but what are we going to do about Nick's fan club?"
Kathy with Colleen Parker, Eddie
Mui and Tony Lee in a scene from
ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
November 1999.
Photo: David Hsieh.

AMY: "I consider myself well versed in both the Japanese and American cultures."
Kathy with Marc delaCruz, Leilani Wollam,
Masaye Okano-Nakagawa and Ivan Dinh
in ReAct's Miss Minidoka 1943.
November 2000.
Photo: David Hsieh.

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