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21 APR 2012


  Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre Company - Celebrating over 15 years of simply great theater

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If you have seen any of our productions, we hope you will take a moment to let us know what you thought. Thanks.


ReAct's Patron Comments


Here's what some of you have said about...

  • The Curious Savage | The Curious Savage

  • The Dining Room | The Dining Room
    "Good luck with all your projects - you always do such consistently great work (I still think about your "Dining Room" now & then ...)"T. O., Actor and Freelance Writer

  • Laundry & Bourbon/Lone Star | Laundry & Bourbon/Lone Star

  • Prelude to a Kiss | Prelude to a Kiss
    "I really enjoyed the show the other night. I thought it was just wonderful and that you did a great job on it...I just had a great time."B. S., former Artistic Director of Tacoma Actors Guild
    "I enjoyed the show very much."A. J., Actor and Patron
    "I loved the play last night! It was fun and endearing. Great job (as usual!), and I hope the rest of the run goes well!"S. N., Actor and Patron
    "It was wonderful - the play was excellent.....certainly things to think about in relationship."L. B., Patron
    "The show was funny and enjoyable. Totaly worth the time and money invested."K. C., Patron
    "Oooooh MAN! I LOVED it! Great cast, AWESOME production."H. P., Patron
    "I very much enjoyed Prelude to a Kiss...I would like to see you get bigger audiences and will be talking-up ReAct whenever I can."K. S., Executive Director, Lambert House

  • "Love Lies & Language" | The Importance of Being Earnest/ Loveliest Afternoon of the Year/The Bald Soprano
    "I just wanted to thank you again for the plays. They were really good...They came together so nicely. It was outstanding."G. P. G., Patron
    "I enjoyed your last presentation of the 3 plays. The last time I read 'The Importance of Being Earnest' was in college 50 years ago! It's sort of stupid but delightful. Your cast was excellent. You did a great job of adapting it to a condensed form. ['The Loviest Afternoon of the Year'] was quixotic, quirky, complicated. I like the two characters. They were totally engaging. The backdrop was exceptional. I enjoyed staring at it in between performances. As for the last play 'The Bald Soprano', what can I say? I think we need to be challenged every once in a while. Strangely, I enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I admire your spirit and dedication to drama."T. T., Actor and Patron

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  • Crimes of the Heart | Crimes of the Heart
    "Excellent."D. D., Patron
    "Congratulations, and thank you!...I had the pleasure of taking two friends and attending the Repertory Actors Workshop's production of 'Crimes of the Heart' at the Theatre Off Jackson. Congratulations for a terrific show must go to you and the excellent cast, along with the crew and all the other people involved in the production...I especially appreciated being able to treat two friends to the marvelous experience...My two friends and I found our first experience with React's non-traditional casting refreshing and we all savored with other audience members the theatrical delights of 'Crimes of the Heart.' With its first-rate acting, the show proved entertaining, energizing and enlightening. Please convey my congratualtions and thanks to everyone at ReAct for your spendid production."D. D., Public Information Officer at the Seattle Arts Commission
    "Excellent play, very funny."N. H., Patron

  • Split | Split

  • Independence | Independence
    "My husband and I very much enjoyed last night's performance of 'Independence,' as we have enjoyed many of your group's presentations. 'Lone Star' was an all-time favorite. We liked the one with the cake in it, too, but at the moment I can't recall the name of the play. We find your non-traditional casting, your choice of plays, the acting and the location and atmosphere of the theater all a uniquely rewarding experience."M. P., Patron
    "We really enjoyed your show!"J. D. O., Seattle Playwright and Childrens Book Author
    "You did a marvelous usual!"H. T., Actor and Patron

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  • The Woolgatherer/Barefoot in the Park | The Woolgatherer/ Barefoot in the Park

  • All in the Timing | All in the Timing
    "To the cast of ReAct's 'All in the Timing',...You all did a terrific job. The show was funny, and the timing was excellent from everyone."B. L., Actor and Patron
    "Thoroughly enjoyable show."R. H., President of the Board of Freehold
    "I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed 'All in the Timing'...It was wonderful!!!!!!! I laughed and laughed and really had a great "time". I can't wait to see your other production 'Noon'...Thanks for doing great theatre and using and finding such great talent. Kudos to you and your casts!"B. S., Actor and Patron

  • The Mousetrap | The Mousetrap

  • Five Women Wearing the Same Dress | Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

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  • A Chorus Line | A Chorus Line
    "I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you what a really wonderful job that you did. I have seen 'A Chorus Line' countless times, both professional and amatuer productions, and many of the amatuer productions were quite horrifyingly bad, as were some of the professional productions, and you guys did a phenomenal job. It was actually quite moving and very good...Congratulations."G. T., Publicist for A Contemporary Theatre
    "The show was awesome...awesome...It was breathtaking."A. D., Actor and Patron
    "I saw a performance of 'A Chorus Line' this week and thought you did such a terrific job with the production...This was my first ReAct show and I'm looking forward to attending others in the future...keep up the good work."J. G., Seattle Opera
    "It is wonderful to see actors of every style and hue instead of the usual row of snowballs lines up on the stage. Good luck to you. Thanks."R. B. & B., Patrons
    "Your production was fantastic...Michael Bennett is smiling on you and your rep. company. It was such a delirious and nostalgic journey...certainly an amazing eye-opener in New York 25 years ago! My English class went into NYC to see it in the spring of 1976."M. W., Patron
    "Thanks for putting out all the energy it takes to continue to create great theatre for us to experience"J. W., Patron
    "Just wanted to say congrats on a great show. I was quite impressed with the new members. I think it is a stronger show."N. P., Actor and Patron
    "The show was great."J. L., Managing Director of UMO Ensemble
    "Thanks for a great show...My people loved the show and I loved seeing how far they've come."A. R., Actor and Patron
    "I wanted you to know it was great. I really like the opportunity to see theatre that isn't just Paramount Theatre or Fifth Avenue. I am in musical theatre myself and I know just how hard it is to get it all together and work a day job no matter how talented you are...I just wanted to give you some positive feedback...The joy of performing and a few kudos are all most of us get."C. M., Patron
    "I wanted to let you know how much fun I ended up having doing the show again, and that the last week was really fulfulling--great houses, and the show felt really solid."G. T., Castmember

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  • A Letter to Three Wives | A Letter to Three Wives
    "It was fabulous. My husband and I had a wonderful time and the whole audience did. It was really, really great...and we had a fun time...I always enjoy your shows."T. M., Windowlight Productions
    "Saw It. Loved it. Talked about it."R. M., Living Voices
    "The seven of us wholeheartedly agreed that this was a fine production and were very happy to be able to spend the evening watching your production...I am an Asian-American actor and agree with your mission. I hope to be able to work with you one day...I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. Thank you."T. W., Taproot Theatre Company
    "I enjoyed 'A Letter to Three Wives.' I like all your productions. The couple that yelled at each other but were really in love made sparks fly."G. S. Jr., Seattle Playwright
    "Great Show!"G. M., Patron

  • Noon | Noon
    "Another terrific show!!! 'Noon' was really fun! You should be very proud, because both your shows are tremendously wonderful! The actress playing Beryl was my favorite, very delightful and her delivery and character were right on the money!...just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your work very much! Thanks for making me laugh!"B. S., Actor and Patron
    "About 'Noon'- I really enjoyed it and thought your work was charming. If anything, I think maybe McNally's script is a little bit stiff/dated now - makes me wonder how his other work will hold up to the test of time.....Looking forward to seeing more of your work!"L. S., Freelance Seattle Director

  • On the Open Road | On the Open Road
    "Thanks for a good night of theatre...I wish it would get a remount - it was all too short a run."J. M.-G., Actor and Patron

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  • "ReAct the Fringe Mini-Festivals" |
    "Overall I thought the [Brave New Fringe Revisited] festival was a good effort, considering it was the first of its kind by us. Despite the turnout, I think it was a great thing to be a part of! Again, thank you very much for the opportunity, and I hope to work with you again."J. O, Actor and Participant

  • S.A.M. I Am | S.A.M. I Am
    "I attended your opening and enjoyed it. I like the script - what a shame that the playwright is no longer with us. I also think the show is clean and clear and well presented."V. P., Freelance Seattle Director
    "Opening night of ReAct's S.A.M. I Am at Seattle's Langston Hughes Theatre was a blast! A great romantic comedy, with a talented cast. I laughed so hard the actors thanked ME for attending...this one is a front runner."G. W., ReAct Board Member
    "I really enjoyed the show...Everyone was superb! I especially loved the dialogue and the set...and tell the cast that they were excellent!"D. A., Actor and Patron
    "In general, I liked the production. In a lot of ways, being at the Langston Hughes seemed to open things up and make things a tad less claustrophobic. As always it was a pretty assured production on the technical end aside from a sound glitch or two...On the acting end, everybody did pretty well with their parts."R. T., Editor of Asian American Theatre Revue & Co-founder of Pork Filled Players
    "My friends and I really enjoyed the show. I was especially impressed with the writing...I've been impressed with all of the ReAct productions I've seen. My favorite was probably S.A.M. I Am."D. M., Actor and Patron
    "It was such a wonderful show. I enjoyed myself immensely."R. S., Actor and Patron
    "I went to go see the play this past Sunday...totally awesome!!!!! I loved it and have been raving about it since. I've been telling all my friends about the play that there probably sick of me now. Anyhow, great job!!!"P. W., Actor and Patron

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  • "Audition Antics" | "Audition Antics"
    "I enjoyed very much the lively cast."J. B., Patron

  • Another Antigone | Another Antigone
    "I made it to Another Antigone...Enjoyed it!"L. M., Former Artistic Director of Seattle Public Theatre
    "I really liked the show...You could kind of tell how things have certainly changed since the 80's...I really liked the professor's final speech and all of the actors did a good job."D. M., Actor and Patron
    "I liked the show."S. B., 5th Ave Theatre
    I have really enjoyed this part and the show...Thanks again for this great opportunity."C. B., Castmember

  • Staged Play Readings |
    "Just wanted to congratulate you on 'Three Tall Women'! Very nicely produced and directed, especially for a staged reading - Much more realized than I was imagining...look forward to future readings!"O. S., Rain City Projects and Theatre Puget Sound boardmember
    "I was pleasantly surprised how well (I thought) [Closer] came together. It was a great piece to explore. I felt like I learned as much from the audience about the play as I did from discussion and study. Again, a great experience. Thanks."N. P., Participant
    "I had a blast [Closer], so did the audience...Anyway, thanks for the opportunity, it was worth it."A. D., Participant
    "I had a great time [Closer]and I'm so glad I got the chance to work with everyone involved. Best of luck on the rest of the reading series!"S. Y., Participant
    "The reading [Grinch] was great yesterday."L. H., ReAct Boardmember
    "I loved it [Grinch]. It made my Christmas very special." -- B. S., Participant
    "I really enjoyed the reading today [The Underpants]."C. M.-R., ReAct Boardmember
    "I wanted to thank you PROFUSELY for including me in the last staged reading [Wonder of the World] - I had a lot of fun!"E. G., Participant
    "I loved the play [Kimberly Akimbo] and thought everyone did a great job with it! It was also nice that you took the time to put together all the appropriate props and a pretty comprehensive set for just a reading - really helped to pull me in."D. R., Actor and Patron
    "I had a great time [Kimberly Akimbo]...I continue to be amazed at the amount of eye contact the cast makes with each other and the audience - makes it feel so much more like a full staged play than a reading. Thanks."A. K., Patron
    "Thank you very much. we enjoyed the reading [Kimberly Akimbo] a lot. I think it would be fun to see a full production of it someday."D. I., Actor and Patron
    "I had a great time...What a fun activity and stimulating play [Fefu & Her Friends]. Thank you."L. A. H., Participant
    "That was great. [The Last Sunday in June] I sure enjoyed the show."C. M., Patron
    "I had a great time and thought it [The Shape of Things] went quite well...Great show."A. D., Participant
    "I had a great time with The Shape of Things. I always look forward to learning something new at every involvement. Thanks again for the opportunity!"A. K., Participant
    "The actors were great and 'Recent Tragic Events' is a good play. Lots of good lines and content for discussion. It could be a worthwhile project to mount."S. H., Patron
    "You and your crew did a great job—it [The Seven Chinese Brothers] gets better and better."M. S., Seattle Center Productions
    "I wanted to commend you for the reading I witnessed on Sunday of The Exonerated at Elliott Bay Books. A very ambitious choice and a great job by the cast...was interested to see how it worked on its feet."G. C., Strawberry Theatre Workshop
    "Thanks again to you and the acting group for the very moving was a thought provoking performance in ways that I had not anticipated. Thank you."R. B., Patron
    "Three members of our church attended [The Exonerated] and were duly impressed by our experience."G. N., Patron
    "Wonderful presentation yesterday. For a few of us in a Pioneer Square bookstore on a Sunday afternoon, we saw a show that was put together in a short amount of time, yet had an immense emotional impact. Congrats again to your [Defiance] cast."D. N., Patron
    "Congratulations on the reading of Defiance. What a great cast you put together."A. J., Patron
    "I just thought I'd send you a note to say how much I enjoyed the Defiance performance. I thought Scott Plusquellec and Geoffery Simmons were great, and I especially enjoyed Austin Farwell's characterization of the Chaplain. I'd love to see the fully staged performance and think the message is compelling and would be interesting to the Seattle audience."R. S., Patron
    "I have been meaning to email you per the Sunset Limited experience...I just wanted to say what a profound performance given by both of you actors. I really appreciated being able to see a remarkable script given such animation. And, I do think the more minimalistic reading mounting actually aided the focus and intensity. Thanks so much for that performance...and please extend my appreciation to your partner on stage that day - he was great."C. J., Patron

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  • A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur | A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur
    "I saw the performance of "A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur" and enjoyed it very much. (Wednesday - October 19, 2000) It was small, intimate audience and I enjoyed the performance of the actress's immensely. Kathy Hsieh affected an excellent Southern Bell attitude and accent, enjoying her "Starry Eyed" portrayal. Like wise Jo Anne Buchanan brought off the German characterization excellently and I enjoyed the intensity of her dialog. Creating a character to dislike is always a creative fine line, Rebecca Goldberg portrayed the characters insincerity very sincerely. Marie Rubin did except the challenge of the part and moved one to feel her despair the makeup added very well to this feeling. Thank you very much for sharing with me an enjoyable evening's performance."T. E., Patron

  • You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown | You're A Good Man Charlie Brown
    "I thoroughly enjoyed the show...Great Job!!L. M., Actor and Patron

  • Love Letters | Love Letters

  • Miss Minidoka 1943 | Miss Minidoka 1943
    "Very Enjoyable. Good Job. It was the second one I went to of the ReAct Theatre and both had been great so I'm looking forward to going to more of your musicals."C. I., Patron

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  • "More" All in the Timing | "More" All in the Timing
    "Wow,... I saw Saturday's showing and let me say, it had me rolling...if you want a good laugh and watch an ensemble team work really well together, SEE it. You won't be disappointed."E. L., Patron
    "More All in the Timing is even funnier than before! Having seen the previous versions, the new material is great and the scene transitions are funny and seamless. Even if you've seen All in the Timing in previous years, you won't be disappointed by More All in the Timing."C. P., Actor and Patron
    "I caught your show Friday night. It was terrific. (The scene transitions were a hoot as well!)"S. B., 5th Avenue Theatre
    "I saw "More All in the Timimg"...loved it."C. H.-S., Patron
    "I saw your show last nite at the performance hall, very well done. I saw another later in the evening and what a difference. You looked professional, well directed, good timing, good concept; they looked amateur. Keep up the good work."C. T. M., Patron and Former WSAC Commissioner
    "Thanks for including me it was a lot of fun!!!!!!!! Great Work!!!!"C. B., Castmember
    "I love All in the Timing, by the way. I've enjoyed it each time I've seen you guys do it."A. J. D., Actor and Patron
    "Thank you for making me aware of your work! I've intended to see it in the past but it seemed that I could never get my schedule in sync. Boy am I glad I finally did. First let me say your direction of the play was elegant...I'm no expert but i love theatre. This piece in my opinion was deceptively simply in terms of organization and plot structure....but it's those deceptively simply ideas that can often go bad if the are not perfectly tuned in their presentation... It was funny and light on one hand but darkly revealing on another...So thank you and I look forward to seeing more of your work...It was a good evening!"B. T., Patron and Visual Artist
    "I am having a great time working with you all in "More All in the Timing". I'm glad to have had the opportunity to meet you and all the great people in the cast and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the near future."D. R., Castmember
    "It was a great performance by the cast...Our guests really enjoyed the unique comedy very much! Take care & keep up the energy! You all are the greatest!"H. T., Actor and Patron

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  • Schoolhouse Rock Live! | Schoolhouse Rock Live!
    "This show was soooooo funny! I've been telling everyone I know about it."T. D., Patron
    "Great show. my daughter and I really enoyed it."R. K., Patron
    "I really enjoyed the show... I thought the whole thing looked very slick and the harmonies sounded great. And some great cast members -- especially Barry...Good luck with the rest of the run and thanks again!"M. W., Patron and Freelance Director
    "Schoolhouse Rock was great. We really enjoyed the performance & the cast! Another hit!"H. T., Actor and Patron
    "What a great show! I and my party really enjoyed it!...It was really fun!!" C. J. B., Patron
    "Schoolhouse Rock's pure delight."P. A., Elliott Bay Book Company
    "Schoolhouse Rock was a lot of fun!"S. N., Actor and Patron
    "I enjoyed the performance!!"E. P., Patron
    "I saw it...and loved it!...It was great!"T. N., Patron
    "I just wanted to drop a short note to say Thank You... My friends and I had a wonderful time. I have had Schoolhouse Rock songs buzzing in my head ever since the performance. I have been inspired to search e-Bay for recordings the actual cartoons for my 9 yr old daughter. Thank you again."M. M., Patron
    "Thanks! I went on Sunday and loooooved it....and I unpacked my adjectives! Then I took a train took a train took a train to another sister and I really, really had a blast."S. K., Patron
    "You guys did a great job...we really enjoyed it."D. G., Patron
    "My family and I attended opening night on Oct. 18th of 'Schoolhouse Rock Live'. We had so much fun. We sat in the very front row and sang along with the songs. It was a blast and I have told everyone I know to go see the show...I am raving about the show and want to see it again, as do my kids, before it is over. Thanks so much for a great show and I am now a fan of the ReAct Theatre!!!!"S. C., Patron
    "I went to opening night last night and it was a really GREAT show! Lots of great talent and a lot of fun. It's not too long (about 1.5 hrs),...I highly recommend it for those young and old!!"S. T., Patron
    "The show was very entertaining and the cast's exuberance was amazing! Thanks again."M. of M. H., Patrons
    "What a fun show."S. D., Patron
    "'Schoolhouse Rock Live' was very entertaining! We liked it and will spread the word to friends. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see the show on stage...remembered it from TV,...but enjoyed it on stage much more. Life performance is always better than that on the screen."N. Q., Playwright and Patron
    "We went and saw Schoolhouse Rock Live! this weekend and I just loved it."K. W., First Grade Teacher, St. Anne School
    "After seeing the opening night show on Saturday I just had to tell you how wonderful the production was for me. Everyone was fantastic and the numbers were clean and well rehearsed. I am making sure everyone I know goes to see this production. It really is fantastic. Thanks for a good time. I will be seeing it again!"B. S., Actor and Patron
    "I just wanted to thank you for this afternoon's performance of 'Schoolhouse Rock'. What I enjoyed even more than the cast was the opportunity to reconnect that period in my life. I recall watching SHR on Saturday mornings with the feeling that the presentations were expressly for me. Oddly our teachers never referenced them and much of my school learning was flat in comparison - how could it not be - given the lack of music and movement in the typical classroom. Again, thank you."R. M., Patron
    "Just a quick note to let you know that my date and I REALLY enjoyed the show last night. We were singing the songs for the rest of the night and even today! Great cast, great energy, very entertaining. Thank you!"J. S., Actor and Patron
    "This is truly an entertaining and lively show...thought it was great."S. O., Patron
    "Thanks to you and your cast for a wonderful show on Saturday at 2pm. The kids and parents alike really enjoyed the performance! These songs are STILL so memorable and really DO remind us that teaching and learning can be fun!"S. K., Patron
    "It's a wonderful show"D. K., Patron
    "I sent a bunch of friends out, and they told me they loved it!"K. T., Actor and Patron
    "The performance was great and I'm really glad I got to see it"S. B., Patron
    "Fun show."R. M., Patron
    "I wanted to thank you for another great run of the show! It was even more enjoyable this time around."C. W., Castmember
    "We loved the show!"J. N., Teacher, Meridian Park School
    "I had a blast"T. G., Patron
    "Thanks...I and my niece had a very fun time, AND I learned some parts of speech that I was a bit fuzzy on!!!"N. R., Actor and Patron
    "Thanks for your hard work, took my son to "Schoolhouse Rock" & we loved it."K. A., Patron
    "It was a great experience."G. H., Castmember
    "It is a show that is very close to my heart."B. S., Castmember
    "Thank YOU for the chance to be a part of this amazing show again...It was a pleasure being a part of another ReAct production though... I always have a lot of fun."D. Z., Castmember
    "Thanks for everything. I had a great time again!"J. H., Castmember
    "What a great show that was. Thanks again for the opportunity."M. P., Castmember
    "A big thanks for an awesome show! I can't tell you how much fun I had with it and honestly can't remember a show I've enjoyed more. Was definitely the most challenging show I've ever done (but challenging in a good way.) I especially liked your penchant for detail and all the cardboard cutouts."M. L., Castmember

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  • Closer | Closer
    "I attended your Sunday afternoon performance yesterday and was moved to write to you. I can count on my hands the number of times that I've seen a play and been completely drawn in to where I never once wandered to thoughts of "hmm, I wonder why they chose that background, or noticed a cowlick in an actors hair or this or that. Your show is spectacular on several levels. The direction is simple and each and every movement has a reason. Hats off to David Hsieh! The acting may have been the best I've seen in Seattle, and certainly on the level of the most prestigious and expensive theatre's in town, and I only paid 6 bucks! There was no time in which I saw something fake on that stage. My biggest congratulations to Angela, Gordon, Scott and Shawn for this. Thank you."J. S., Actor & Patron
    "WOW! What a wonderful show you have!...I couldn't stop talking about it when I got home. I wish my schedule allowed me to come back closing weekend to see how it changes. When I really love a play, it's exciting for me to see it grow...Thank you...Please pass along my appreciation to your cast and crew for their beautiful work...What a marvelous show. No one should miss it."T. M., Windowlight Productions
    "Congratulations on such a spectacular show last night! I was really impressed."S. N., Actor & Patron
    "It is a very fine play. A logical descedant of Strindberg and just as funny. Wicked stuff."G. B., Freelance Director & Patron
    "I enjoyed the play. You did a wonderful job, made it so simple, really and let the play speak for itself... by the end of the play, there is this great accumulative effect that holds you when you leave the theatre. Good actors, really invested emotionally in the work... I am really impressed...Good luck on the rest of the run, and I will let people, my students, etc. know."D. N., Patron and Arts Educator
    "I just wanted to say that I really enojoyed CLOSER!!!!...I caught the Sunday night performance and it was great! I hope the run is treating you well! It was a great show! Congrats!"D. A., Actor & Patron
    "I wanted to express my appreciation of this production...I look forward to more productions from ReAct. Thanks."J. K., Patron
    "Break more legs with Closer! You directed an awesome show!"R. S., Actor & Patron
    "I saw Closer last Sunday and we had such a great time.. Great show!"M. L., Actor & Patron
    "I thoroughly enjoyed your production of 'Closer'. What a great play. The cast did a great job too."D. R., Actor & Patron
    "I just wanted to say that I really liked 'Closer'"L. M. N., Actor & Patron.
    "Thanks again for the nice time at your last play, it was really good."R. E., Patron.
    "It means an awful lot to me be able to get out and actually see some art that is really great...I was so impressed with it, that I wanted to take another friend to see it...I do want to just thank you again."R. P., Patron.
    "I was bragging about you to my friends who were discussing the movie 'Closer' - I told them that your stage version was soooo much better - which it was."T. L., Actor & Patron

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  • The Day They Shot John Lennon | The Day They Shot John Lennon
    "I did not read any reviews or a synopsis before attending The Day They Shot John Lennon. What an incredible, eye opening drama this is. I was so very impressed with how in about 90 minutes; we (the audience) are taken in to a very real and meaningful slice of 4 different relationships. Watching this show, there were times when I was moved by the power of a message, and other times, by the sweetness and vulnerability of the human condition. I loved this show. Walking home, it made me think and feel hard about this life and the people of the world that I share it with."J. S., Patron
    "What a pleasant surprise 'The Day They Shot John Lennon' was. I anticipated a rather morose or preachy scenario and was greeted by a snapshot of humanity under an unusual circumstance. Even those who were not particulary impacted by this event can relate to the study of humanity this play provides. Funny, touching, and very accessible to ages teen and up. I really enjoyed it! Thank you!"S., Patron
    "I was drawn into the moment of the year 1980 by this excellent cast and sparkling writing. I found it accessible and intelligent, poignant and amusing. Good casting, a nice mix of situations and an ending that surprised me. Great show!"C. C., Patron
    <-- --> "I loved the show! Everyone was fantastic and I've never seen the play performed before... I'm so glad I saw it. It IS a very timely play even now in the year 2002. Great show choice! And great show!"C. P., Actor & Patron
    "I really enjoyed the piece - very well acted and a nice ensemble show."E. S., Actor & Patron
    "I enjoyed it very much... I loved watching all the characters' relationships develop, especially the old man and kid. Congrats"M. L., Actor & Patron
    "I'm glad [we] could make it to the show - it was enjoyable to watch."S. B., Patron
    "I saw the show tonight and enjoyed it... I'm thinking of coming to the late show on Saturday and bringing my husband because he's a John Lennon fan, and I know he'll get a kick out it. Besides, I want to have someone to discuss the show with afterward."E. C., Actor and Patron
    "We enjoyed the show - the cast did a great job!"L. H., ReAct Board Member
    "You are doing so many great things with the company. I am proud to have been associated with your works."D. D., Castmember

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  • The Joy Luck Club | The Joy Luck Club
    Thank you...The blending of "artists of all skill levels," and ages and ethnicity was well done, and gave much to the very well done play."J. B., Patron
    "I wanted you to know how very much I loved your show and all the wonderful people in it...What a memorable and beautifully defined evening! The monumental task of adapting the novel, in your capable hands, was daringly sensitive, spirited, funny, touching, intense, and honed to perfection. Congratulations on the end result, the production, which entranced us and was by turns, heart-wrending and joyous, enacted by your exceptionally talented cast. It was wonderful to see some of my personal favorites... getting a real crack at decisive roles worthy of their talents and true abilities...please convey my warmest congratulations to all of your cast, and especially to Kathy, Eloisa, Audrey, Colleen, Shirley, and Robin Dawn. Have a fabulous run!"P. S., former casting director, Seattle Repertory Theatre
    "Congratualtions! It was really great. We really enjoyed all the age variations and the story and the acting...blown away by the acting especially. So I just wanted to let you know about that because kudos are definitely in your way. So thanks again!"L. H., Actor & Patron
    "Go see The Joy Luck Club at the Langston Hughes Theater.. performed by ReAct The presentation was different, and the acting was good, Katie Tupper, Shirley Oliver, Masumi Hayashi-Smith were standouts. I got a little teary.. as did my seat mate.. the whole theater echoed with big sniffles."I. K., Patron
    "VERY much enjoyed the performance and will tell all of my friends, many of whom have read the book. Thank you!"P. R., Patron
    "We just loved the play. I'm recommending it to the folks at work and other friends. What an amazingly talented cast and a wonderfully written play!"C., Patron
    "What an accomplishment for you! Hope you can publish your adaptation so other theatre groups will be able to stage Joy Luck Club---it makes for a wonderful evening of theatre! (better and more involving than the film!) Congratulations to you for spot-on direction! Perfect! Your staging was filmically visual and your pacing really kept the audience involved--we laughed, we were touched, and yes, we even cried!...BRAVO!!!!"S. H., Seattle Repertory Organization Board President
    "Great show! Really enjoyed it and will be sure to come back to see others."K. D., Patron
    "I have to reitterate - it was a wonderful performance - so innovative, had the right amount of humor mixed in... and really true to the book... had me all choked up...I urge people to try to get in and see the play!"V. L., Patron
    "I attended 'The Joy Luck Club' last night and saw a wonderful performance... It's a great show--very inventive."K. P., Patron
    "WOW! That was a GREAT play!...thoroughly entranced through it all. There's so much more to experience from a live performance than in a movie. The whole cast was amazing."Y. L., Patron
    "Enjoyed the show. Thanks!"J. L., Actor & Patron
    "We saw your play last Sunday...incredible job and a great use of the silhouette for all of the historic scenes. Too bad I forgot to bring tissue with us."M. W., Patron
    "This is so beautiful. I have seen it before, but after attending [the] play last night,... I am reminded of what true living is really all about."D., Patron
    "I'd like to highly recommend you see Joy Luck Club...It's very moving, well-directed,...and there are some outstanding acting performances."A. H., Patron
    " was beautiful."A. S., Patron
    "I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that I really enjoyed the play"G. L., Patron
    "I enjoyed JLC. It was really nice to see the Asian American talent come together. Good work!"J. Y., Actor and Patron
    "Great job with Joy Luck Club! You did a wonderful job casting the show, and there were so many touching moments."K. A. Y., Actor and Patron
    "Congratulations on your stage adapation of Amy Tan's powerful story...THe casting was incredible as each and every actor was a star performer...I was struck by your technique of shadow-projecting dramatic action scenes which created a great emotional impact. All-in-all—a great play!"S. Y., Patron

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  • The Hasty Heart | The Hasty Heart
    "I wanted to thank you again...I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Congratulations on a great ensemble cast and an outstanding opening night performance. I hope the run is very successful. I will be talking it up. Three cheers!!!"S. H., Theatre Puget Sound Boardmember and Past President
    "I enjoyed it so much and we were very impressed with the quality of the production. Tell everyone involved that we think they are extremely talented!...I hope that we can be in town again when you are producing a show."L. M. J., Patron
    "We really enjoyed the show on Friday."E. A., Patron
    "I went to see The Hasty Heart on Friday night. I'm glad that I went. It's a good play and a good performance...telling friends about it...thank you... made a small donation as a token of our support...Keep up the good work!"N. Q., Playwright and Patron
    "I loved the show. It was very moving, and well done in such an intimate space...Again, great job on the play. It is truly beautiful! And a message I needed to hear!"S. H., Freelance Music Director
    "'The Hasty Heart' is well worth seeing. I enjoyed it quite a bit and didn't regret spending a late summer Sunday afternoon inside."M. M., Patron
    "Please go see 'The Hasty Heart.' It's great entertainment. When I went on Saturday, the audience was so into the story that we all gasped when first intermission started...Go ReAct!"K. M.-A, Patron
    "Want to thank you again... We saw the show last night, and it was all you said it would be and more. I certainly will as you suggested, tell friends (I know of several who will like it). Thanks again, and I will watch for your future stuff."F. R., Patron
    "Loved your show so much. I admire your group and what you do."A. R., Patron
    "Of all the theatre I have been to so far this year, I have to say that your production of 'The Hasty Heart' ranks among the best. What a moving piece! ..And every single actor in your ensemble turned out a powerful, touching, lovely performance. I was completely mesmerized. I'm looking forward to seeing future plays at ReAct. Thank you!"J. N., Actor and Patron
    "Very sweet show! My friend and I greatly enjoyed!"R. M., Patron
    "Just wanted to tell you again, what a wonderful production."D. N., Patron and Arts Educator
    "Both [of us] agreed...the show on Saturday was tremendous, and the best play we'd seen all year."E. G., Actor and Patron
    "Very excellent show."M. B., Patron
    "Just a belated note to thank you for the super production of 'The Hasty Heart.' I really enjoyed it, was a lovely production, and I'm glad I came to see that fine old play!"A. B., Actor and Patron
    "I wanted to tell you just how much my family loved the show. My Auntie Cynthia goes to a lot of shows in DC and she said this is by far one of the best shows she's seen."L. C., ReAct Boardmember
    "I thought Blossom was portrayed with dignity and respect given to him by your direction. I thought his character was integral to the plot and what the play was trying to say."C. K., Seattle Public Theatre
    "My group thoroughly enjoyed 'The Hasty Heart' and were very impressed with the level of talent you found. It is unusual for a cast of men to make me cry (or any male actor, actually), but your cast were so believable and likeable that I was in tears the entire last scene. Bravo!"R. A., Actor and Patron
    "Just a note of appreciation and praise for the wonderful play that you performed at the Bathhouse Theatre...'The Hasty Heart' by John Patrick! My friend and I attended the last performance, on August 31, at 2p.m., and were both so impressed that we vowed to send in donations to support your theater...Thanks again for performing this memorable play, and may your theater company continue to entertain and edify us with such well-written plays!"S. L. L., Patron
    "Just wanted to say thank you very much for yet another very wonderful and memorable theatre experience. 'The Hasty Heart' is one of my most favorite shows that I've done."J. G., Castmember
    "I saw 'Hasty Heart' last year and LOVED it. It's one of my favorite plays from you guys. Hope to see more in the future!"T. T., Patron
    "Thank you again for giving the wonderful opportunity of being in 'The Hasty Heart.' It was a great cast and a fine production...Once again, I can't thank you enough."G. B., Castmember
    "Thank you for all your work on Hasty Heart (and for putting up with me). I couldn't have asked for a better experience to introduce me to Seattle. I hope and look forward to the day when we work together again."E. A., Castmember
    "Thanks for the opportunity,...I loved the entire experience." -- A. D., Castmember
    "Thanks Guyz For being the best crew to work with and producing one of the best shows this season. You guys rock!" -- J. M., Castmember

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  • The Book of Liz | The Book of Liz
    "Hysterical! The funniest thing at the fringe!"M., Patron
    "I really enjoyed The Book of Liz. Very funny!"M. C. S., Patron
    "I came to laugh my butt off and I did quite often...Friends of Doctor Bill piece was executed with fine precision. Many great characters."S. A., Patron
    "I thought this was clever and well-acted...Worth seeing, especially if you like David Sedaris and are curious to see a different side of him."C., Patron
    "...hilarious and deliciously bitter."E., Patron
    "What a fun show!...I thought it was hilarious...Everyone did a great job, and I hope y'all win the festival!"K. A. Y., Actor and Patron
    "glad I could make it...always enjoy your work!"K. D., Actor and Patron
    "I thoroughly enjoyed your show at the Fringe."A. B., Designer
    "Very funny."C. A., Patron

  • The ReAct Decade | The ReAct Decade
    "I loved your show Sunday. 'Lone Star' was hilarious. I'm so impressed."A. R., Patron
    "I enjoyed your Gala...very entertaining."K. S., Patron
    "Great show!"A. S., Patron
    "I had fun at the Benefit...Great show, and I particularly loved 'All in the Timing'"M. T., Actor and Patron
    "It turned out great!"S. O., Actor and Patron
    "I wanted to really congratulate you on the success of the decennial ReAct celebration, and more importantly all that you have personally given over the 10 years to make ReAct into one of the finest fringe theatres around."G. H., Actor and Patron
    "We enjoyed the show immensely - especially your 'Lone Star" episode. Great Job! Looking forward to your next ReAct play."H. K., Actor and Patron
    "Thank you so much...I think the evening turned out wonderfully....[Lone Star] was FABULOUS! I laughed my buttocks off!"K. A. Y., Participant
    "Congratulations! What a fun and wonderful evening it was!."C. M., Participant
    "It was a real treat for me."D. I., Participant

  • Into the Woods | Into the Woods
    "It was terrific. I loved it! From the costumes to the set to the fabulous voices and clever staging, wonderful characters, touching moments and laugh-out loud and hard witty lines, I was just floored. It was incredibly professional, but filled with that wonderful pleasure that comes from people performing because they love it so much. It was just the best...Plus I LOVED the cow! I am so glad I went. I can't wait to see the next show."S. O., Actor and Patron
    "I saw INTO THE WOODS the other night and LOVED it! I need you to know that I'm being genuine with this and am not just feeding you the typical theatre-artist song and dance. I've always loved this show, but was pleased to find that I learned more about it this time around. Maybe it's because I'm a parent myself now, but so many things just rang louder to me than usual...the second act had some moments that literally put a chill down my spine...Rock on! Please give my best to the rest of the cast. I was truly touched and learned more about the piece. That to me is fantastic theatre!"M. H., Actor and Patron
    "I enjoyed Saturday night's show thoroughly!! What a fabulous job!! You should be so proud of your cast...all of the characters just shone. What a wonderful ensemble, what a treat...I just wanted to say WOW! Great show!"B. G., Patron
    "It was a great show! Wonderful set, great costumes, great talent, all around it was a great show! I loved the use of lighting to create the woods. Some incredible voices in the cast too...Anyway, congratulations!"M. T., Actor and Patron
    "Well worth seeing...I liked it better than on Broadway"M. B., Patron
    "I had a very fun time...You did a great job and I love the cast you had...All the best to you and ReAct!"V. W., Actor and Patron
    "I LOVED the production! Into the Woods is my favorite musical it was a real treat to see you company put it on. I especially loved the idea of using the storybooks as props. Cinderella's prince and Jack were especially on...A big thank you from all the other adults in my group-they loved it as well...You should feel very proud."C. R., Teacher
    "We had a great time at In The Woods -- nice work!"M. M., Actor and Patron
    "There were some really lovely things in the show...performance and design wise. I was most impressed by your Jack & Cinderella (she was amazing)... Lovely costumes, sets, band was great...All in all...very nice."D. H., Freelance Critic
    "I saw your performance of Into the Woods last Saturday. Steven Sondheim's works are very difficult for most singers. His characters are complex. As my friends and I sat down, we made a pact to skip the second act if the first was bad. We saw the second act. Please pass on my praise to the rest of the cast and crew. Into the Woods has very many pitfalls that can plague a production. Your production avoided them all. It was an outstanding work. Everyone should be proud...Jack was mesmerizing...I was moved by the tear Jack shed when hearing of his mother's death...Consider me a fan."J. T. M., Patron.
    "I saw Into the Woods closing weekend and had a blast! What a fun musical done by a bunch of really talented people. I had a great time, laughed a lot and was touched."P. P., Actor and Patron
    "We loved Into The Woods. What a great production. You did a marvelous job capturing all the humor. Clever sets, beautiful costumes and sincere acting (even the Princes). Great job."L. H., Actor, Freelance Designer and Patron
    "Thank you! I saw the show opening night and loved it so much I had to come again!"J. R., Patron
    "I really enjoyed the show. It was a lovely production - the direction, design and actors. You should be very proud!"C. L., Freelance Designer
    "Great show...What a tremendous undertaking!"W. B., Freelance Director
    "Enjoyed the show. I found the show to be surprisingly relevant, what with the metaphor of battling an unseen foe, and the call for tolerance and understanding when the instinctual need is for vengence. Well done!"T. M., Freelance Director
    "Many thanks...My friend and I enjoyed it very much!!! You rock!!!!! I'll be sure to pass on a good word to all of my friends!!!"P. W., Patron
    "I was at the show last night and truly enjoyed it...It's a great show. Thank you."H. A., Seattle Opera
    "I am driven by sincere appreciation of the wonderful production you and your professional crew (actors, set designers, costumers, sound and lighting engineers, orchestra, etc...) have created with "Into the Woods" at Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center to send you an email of kudos!...I must say that this is one of the best shows I have seen in Seattle in a very long time. We will certainly see it again, this time with friends in-tow, as it is such an incredible show that we want to share it with others. As a theatre buff formerly from Chicago and New York, I have seen a great many shows. Hence, I feel comfortable in saying that Barry Snarr's performance for this show was spectacular! Even while off-light Barry was in-character, and, therefore, an integral part of the ongoing/peripheral performances of the others. Another actor I wish to complement is that of Christopher J. Anderson - an incredible dancer/actor/singer whom I, personally, feel is terribly underutilized in this town. I've seen his work before, and he always delivers above expectation. Again, my compliments on a job done well! Please keep up the good work - we need more great art here in Seattle."J. D. B., Patron.
    "I wanted to say again that I had a great time at the show last was a great production, VERY professional and enjoyable!! Hope the rest of the run continues successfully. I will definitely spread word and encourage others to see it. BREAK A LEG!"J. W., Actor and Patron
    "thank you...I thought it was a wonderful production; I enjoyed it very much. So much talent! I'm telling everyone not to miss it. "K. L., Patron
    "Keep up the good work!"B. M., Patron
    "YOUR SHOW IS GREAT!!!! I was very very entertained and touched by your production. I am planning to come to your show again at least once more."C. Z., Director of Theater, ArtsWest
    "My 15 and 13 year-old daughters and I saw it on 4/22/04 and really enjoyed the production...and will spread the word to our friends and family."Y. F., Patron
    "I really really enjoyed your production of Into the Woods. Katie Tupper had me rolling with laughter. Great direction! The whole production was fun and the princes... so good!"A. W., Actor and Patron
    "Thank you so much...We loved it!!...really amazing!"A. S., Patron
    "I really enjoyed the show. The entire cast was talented and enjoyable to watch... wish you the best with your season!"A. S., Patron
    "Great Show!...Thank you for the opportunity I experienced recently of seeing "INTO THE WOODS" at your theatre. It is a great-fun show-I did not want it to end! All your staff is very friendly. I hope you are having a great 2004 year and wish nothing but the best to you for many years to come."C. M., Patron
    "Congrats on Into the Woods which I really really enjoyed!"C. K., Associate Conductor, Seattle Symphony
    "I was so impressed that I am telling everyone about the show!!!"M. G., Patron
    "Marvelous production!"B. R., Patron
    "Great job with the show"W. S., Patron
    "Just a quick note to congratulate you on the show. We really enjoyed it."S. Y., Actor and Patron
    "Did I ever tell you what a wonderful time I had at your show? Well - I did. Thanks so much."T. M., Actor and Patron
    "It was a wonderful production. We thoroughly enjoyed it!C. A., Actor and Patron
    "Had a blast."M. V., Graphic Designer
    "I absolutely loved it! I am spreading the word...It was great to see such a diverse and talented cast. Everyone was really great. The set and lighting deserve praise as well. I loved the shadow plays that took place behind the screen and the shadows that made up the woods. Really wonderful."K. H., Actor and Patron
    "Such a great show! That is a huge cast to manage. Eric has such a nice voice...Emjoy was great and so was Crystal! Everyone in the cast had a nice voice...I LOVED THE SET!! The costumes were great too. Everything was very colorful."L. F., Freelance Stage Manager
    "We did enjoy the show and will tell co-workers about it. A musical can be done on a small stage. That's impressive! Keep up the good work.N. Q., Playwright and Patron
    "Congrats on a great show!...I sooo enjoyed the show the other night - great job directing. Thanks for the great time!!!!!"S. M., Actor and Patron
    "Thank you. The performance was wonderful!"N. B., Patron
    "It's one of the best productions I've seen. You've done an excellent job!"B. R., Patron
    "I had a good time; it was quite fun...I really got a kick out of some of the songs & performances. I'll be thinking "AGONNNNYYYYYYYYY" every time something goes wrong in the near future. You all did a great job."P., Patron.
    "I watched “In to the Woods” last night. That was a great show!!! I really enjoyed it."J.S., Patron.
    "I really enjoyed playing in the show and my friends & family truly enjoyed it as well...My husband and other family attended the show on Mother's Day. He was especially impressed with the production and is telling lots of people about it. He's also a professional musician and loves musical theater, so he's sort of a harsh critic!"D. M., Orchestra member
    "Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic production. What a nice group of people, and what a great piece!"G. W., Orchestra member
    "It was a dream come true. I got to perform in one of my favorite shows, work with some of Seattle's best musical theatre actors, outstanding musicians, and a terrific crew."D. I., Castmember
    "Thank you once again for a wonderful experience with Into the Woods. I truly enjoyed myself with the whole cast and the show...I look forward to more of ReAct!"C. A., Castmember
    "I was proud to have been a part of it."A. H., Castmember
    "I have to tell you—I think you understood Sondheim far more than the production I saw last night [at the 5th Avenue]—that one was like a musical version of The Nutcracker, while yours was crisp and dark and thoughtful."J. B., Patron
    "I loved it! Especially that set! It was an awesome production...Jack was much better in your production than he was in 5th Ave's!"S. B., Actor and Patron

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  • The Shape of Things | The Shape of Things
    "Thank you for continuing to produce such high quality shows...The show was excellent. I haven't seen a show which I connected with emotionally and felt was acted so well for a long time. It was of course extremely disturbing but that was by design of the playwright and the fine acting and directing. Kudos to you and the cast."U. D., Actor and Patron
    "I caught your show on Friday night and I'm still thinking about it on Saturday morning. I love shows like yours... it gives you a lot to mull over. And while I understand Evelyn's motives, she's still one col-l-l-l-l-d woman, ha ha!...I was going to bail on Friday night too because otherwise I would have missed my last bus, but I stayed because your show seemed compelling...And it was worth the cabfare home. I got a lot out of it and thank you for the experience." -- S. R.-I., Patron
    "Your directing was as always exquisite. Terrific casting. I hope you noticed how attentive the audience was, you could hear a pin drop. Kudos."D. N., Patron and Arts Educator
    "I really liked the play and so did everyone else."J. S., Patron
    "The show is EXCELLENT!"C. D., Patron
    "You guys did a great job!B. F. & A. S., Patrons
    "It was a great show! I loved the ending.... Too bad it's such a short run."M. P., Actor and Patron
    "What a terrific performance, and great directing! The timing in the first screne is particularly good, and the photo slides and set work well also."S. H., Patron
    "I really enjoyed the show. I liked the mix of humor and thought provoking ideas. It also had a nice build, so that by the time it was all over, events from the beginning began to replay with a different impact."C. S., Patron and Educator
    "Congratulations on a provocative, well-paced show, and commendations to all the cast."M. H., Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
    "Just wanted you to know that my daughter and I LOVED the play...The play was very funny and provocative and the acting was absolutely first-rate. We were so impressed."J. D. O., Patron and Author
    "It was a great production and everyone in it did very well."N. P., Actor and Patron
    "A good show"D. C., Patron
    "I love that wicked little play. I respect the tenacity you show given the difficulty of producing theatre in this town."G. B., Freelance Producer and Patron
    "It was a great theater experience! I really enjoyed the play and the performance."C. B.-M., Boardmember
    "Great play! My girlfriend, sister and her friend liked it alot. I'm curious, what did Evelyn whisper to Adam?"T. T., Patron
    "It was a great experience for me. I marvel at how you molded the cast for 'The Shape of Things.' It was most enjoyable."H. T., Actor and Patron
    "Kudos to you and the cast and crew! I really enjoyed the show!"D. A., Actor and Patron
    "It was a splendid evening in the theatre! I so admire your courage, tenacity, and superb artistic vision! Play on!"P. S., Patron
    "Really liked the play. Overall, good production and talent, though I think Evelyn carried the show! She is awesome....that scene when Philip was trying to pump Adam for info about his girlfriend kissing him was just great! Such energy! And the sparring was done well. The setting was minimalist and the transitions smooth. The video snapshots were an excellent idea! Kept the audience occupied while transitions happened and carried the story forward a little bit...As for the plot, I loved it!... I admired Evelyn's courage in her conviction..." S. H., Patron
    "Your production was, as usual, excellent...I felt that the snide comment about the slides in The Stranger review was completely uncalled for: the slides, sets, and staging were well coordinated - very important in maintaining the momentum for a show with no intermission."M. B., Patron
    "Liked the show...Bitchin'!"T.J. L., Actor and Patron
    "definitely...a must see show"G. H., Actor and Patron
    "This is an amazing, fascinating and unsettling evening. Go—you'll be glad you did."J. B., Patron
    "Congratulations. Last night's show was terrific; better than ever!"S. H., Patron
    "I'm so glad we came!"D. F., Actor and Patron

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  • Kimberly Akimbo | Kimberly Akimbo
    "It was a fantastic show and a lot of fun. i'm impressed at the new and challenging plays you keep picking. it's almost like a liberal arts college theater program schedule except that they don't have to worry about generating revenue like you do. Gutsy and cool!"U. D., Actor and Patron
    "It was great show."M. P., Actor and Patron
    "Kimberly Akimbo was very well done! "R. D., Actor and Patron
    "This is rare, but all 8 of us who came to watch Kimberly Akimbo tonight enjoyed the show very much. A unanimous recommendation - very funny, excellently executed. Congratulations!"A. K., Actor and Patron
    "Thought the show was wonderful; great cast, great directing. Bravo!"V. M., Patron and Arts Educator
    "I definitely enjoyed the show...It was nice to laugh"T. G., Actor and Patron
    "We saw Kimberly Akimbo last Friday. The play is very well done, darkly humorous, engaging characters especially Kimberly. Well worth it!"C. B., Patron
    "Enjoyed Kimberly Akimbo last Friday and hope you had a good closing weekend."M. H., Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
    "I quite enjoyed Kimberly Akimbo. It is a pretty quirky show and in my opinion definitely a difficult piece to produce, and you did a fine job with it."G. H., Actor and Patron

  • The Violet Hour | The Violet Hour
    "We enjoyed the play very much. the actors were all great....Thanks."J. K., Patron
    "I really enjoyed the show and was very impressed with the production quality, the play definitely struck a chord with me about values and memories."J. D., Patron
    "Great work...I attended your production of The Violet Hour and enjoyed it greatly, wonderful work! I am always a fan of your productions, I have now seen, The Hasty Heart, Into the Woods, The Shape of Things and now The Violet Hour...Thanks so much, and once again, I love your work."L. C., Patron
    "Nice work on The Violet Hour...the play was intriguing...There are some excellent one-liners and comedic setups... I thought the actors filled their roles well. I really liked the simple yet effective set...congrats."E. F., Patron
    "Great show! Really really fun....Keep them coming!"B. V., Actor and Patron
    "Cool script!"K. H., Actor and Patron
    "Awesome show! This was my girlfriend and I's first show. And we're so glad we went to see The Violet Hour. You guys did an excellent job. Especially ShawnJ West (as Gidger)! Keep up the good work everyone. I definitely spread the word about you guys with my friends."A. U., Patron
    "Saw the show on Saturday. It was really well done...Very nice...very much enjoyed the show"M., Patron
    "Let me say how much I enjoyed 'The Violet Hour'. You do such excellent work!!! I don't believe that I have ever seen a ReAct show that I haven't enjoyed and I think the first one I saw was 'Prelude to a Kiss'. Thank you for a great afternoon of theatre."F. K., Actor and Patron

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  • The Last Five Years | The Last Five Years
    "Congratulations on a show well done the other night."C. Z., Patron
    "I saw the show and loved it."B. H., Patron
    "Great show...I will recommend it."A. T., Actor and Patron
    "I attended the green cast's opening of THE LAST 5 YEARS last Friday and was very impressed. Congratulations to you, Mark, and your wonderful cast. I was especially impressed by Jessica's performance -- what amazingly creative choices she made! So fresh and inspiring."K. B., Actor and Patron
    "I so enjoyed the show last night."A. W., Actor and Patron
    "SUCH A GREAT SHOW! I thought the directing was great, Jessica was amazing, it was neat to Jason in a leading role."B. V., Actor and Patron
    "I did enjoy the show a lot. It's fantastically clever."M. A. B., Actor and Patron
    "Go see it. It is très good."J. B., Patron
    "The show was excellent!"E. K., Patron
    "The show was awesome! We were both so glad we came."M. C., Actor and Patron
    "Thank you...Really enjoyed the performance."S. R., Patron
    "I really enjoyed seeing “ The Last 5 Years” on Saturday."M. W., Patron
    "I really enjoyed the performance on Friday - I only knew the piece from the recording, and it was great to see it on its feet and filled out so wonderfully by Mariah and Jadd. It was especially nice that you and Mark were so attentive to finding such truth and nuance in the interpretation of both the characters and the music, which I felt as if I were really HEARING for the first time. The NY performers, while hugely talented, just belted you to death, song after song, and you lost all sense of the characters' emotional life and the wonderful detail and specificity of Jason's writing for them...congratulations! - and thank you...It was a terrific way to launch the weekend!"M. L., A Contemporary Theatre
    "Pleasure! We had a fabulous time!!!"P. P., Actor and Patron
    "Enjoyed the production very much...thanks...Glad you have been extended."M. H., Seattle Gay News
    "The show was great!...[We] enjoyed it. Thank you for the quality production."D. O., Patron
    "I recently attended The Last 5 Years with my two children, bought the soundtrack afterward and have listened to it a couple times, and I'd like to congratulate you, the cast, and presenting such a wonderful story, well-sung by Emjoy and Timothy and well-played by Mark! It is indeed a common experience to have been in a relationship that has ended, and this story was entertaining yet poignant, filled with plenty of shades of real life...I've also seen ReAct's productions of Kimberly Akimbo and The Shape of Things, which I enjoyed as much The Last 5 Years...I want to compliment you on remaining committed to your vision, continuing to stage works that matter. For a time I was the director of a nonprofit in a small town that largely didn't see the value of it's existence, so I just wanted to relay that I, for one, "get" what you do, and look forward to more great things from ReAct...Anyway, thanks for reading, thanks for the great production of The Last 5 Years, and keep up the good work. As Tavis Smiley says, 'Keep the faith!'"D. N., Patron
    "Thanks...Enjoyed the show as usual and I'm not really a musicals person. Glad to see you had such positive reviews and were able to extend this show."U. D., Actor and Patron
    "The show was wonderful. Congratulations."S. B., Book-It Repertory
    "The play was great-especially liked the music."H. K., Actor and Patron
    "I am writing to tell you that I have recently seen Leavenworth Summer Theater's version of The Last Five Years and it doesn't hold a candle to yours. I do believe we saw your green cast...While they had a rather developed set, they had poor staging and transitions. Your play was AWESOME...You guys portrayed 'smitten' so much better...I just thought you should know." T. K., Patron
    "I saw The Last Five Years and was very impressed with the way you handled it."J. C., Actor and Patron
    "Marvelous production...Props to you guys...You've done a good job."S. V., Patron

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  • To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday | To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
    "Great job/Great show!"A. F., Actor and Patron
    "We enjoyed the show very much. Thank you for a stimulating and well done performance."G. L., Patron
    "Thank you for continuing to produce important and moving theater. Seriously that was another beautiful show. I'm having a group of 6 or so come this weekend to see it and hopefully another group or two in addition. Its too good to miss."U. D., Actor and Patron
    "This is a great production. Well worth it!"T. R., Patron
    "My brothers and my friends really enjoyed the play....I related to the story line well because of my loss of [my wife]."H.T., Actor and Patron
    "I really enjoyed the show, and so did my co-worker!"L. C., ReAct Board Member

  • The Last Sunday in June | The Last Sunday in June
    "It was a great show."C. K., Actor and Patron
    "Fabulous!...Phenomenal. I loved it! I will definitely be back. I am very impressed with ReAct"M. S., Patron
    "Enjoyed it, it was insightful and well done...great productions and range."V. I., Patron
    "We enjoyed the play very much...Well done!"I. D., Actor and Patron
    "I was blown away with how you did it again...The cast, the set, the staging, the directorship, the timing, the script, the energy, the moments, the inter-active dynamics...It was screaming hot and gooder than good!!!!!!!! I loved it all. Wonderful!"H. T., Actor and Patron
    "Good show! We enjoyed the production and hope to come again. Meantime, I am spreading the word. Congratulations!...It was a very well done production!"S. H., Patron
    "I very much enjoyed the production. I thought your work was terrific and I'll keep my fingers crossed on your behalf for a successful run. The play conjured up for me the full range of gay drama that has unfolded over the last thirty years. Congratulations on your opening."J. M., Seattle Repertory Theatre
    "Excellent portrayal!"M. M., Patron
    "I had a wonderful time at the show. Again, congratulations on a fantastic production. I haven't stopped talking about it and telling my friends and collegues to go. Best of luck with the run!"K. V. M., Actor and Patron
    "Excellent Play!"K. R., Seattle Children's Theatre
    "Great show! I've been in a few "long term" relationships and I was having flashbacks with the fighting that the couple was having!"D. A., Patron
    "The show was very enjoyable...I thought you and the cast made the absolute most out of a funny, poignant script, and have to say that you exceeded all expectations. We brought another couple of friends, one of whom is not your standard theatre person, and they also had nothing but positive feedback. You should be very proud!"T. G., Actor and Patron
    "Amazed...Some friends went on my suggestion and also enjoyed it."M. H., Seattle Gay News
    "It was an excellent production."R. D. K., Actor and Patron
    "I was very impressed with this production, and you should be very very proud...Thanks for a terrific evening!"G. W., Actor and Patron
    "It's a swell production."P. L., Patron
    "I just want to congratulate you on a great show! I really enjoyed it and thought you did a wonderful job."S. N., Actor and Patron
    "I wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I admired your production, and as well all your efforts with ReAct. It's a great company, and I know it's a struggle to keep it all rolling forward -- especially given some of the challenges y'all have been thrown recently -- but you've just done a great job."B. Y., Village Theatre
    "I enjoyed the show and learned a lot about the gay community."D. L., Patron
    "Great play...Thanks!"L. H., Patron
    "I really enjoyed Last Sunday in June."B. H., Patron
    "It was a good show and a lot of fun."P. R., Patron

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  • Six Degrees of Separation | Six Degrees of Separation
    "Brilliant as usual. The set design was excellent!"U. D., Actor and Patron
    "I thought the show looked really good!...I truly enjoyed opening night - great cast, lovely set (ingenious use of the sliding panels), challenging material - and was not necessarily expecting to as the script is not one of my favorites."T. J. L., Actor and Patron
    "Congrats on a great show. My Dad and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The pacing was terrific and it's always a treat to see acting talent that you aren't familiar with. The city's full of it. Thanks."M. S., Patron
    "The range and talent of the ReAct company continues to amaze me. Thank you for providing a venue for diversity and comtemporary stories."V. I., Patron
    "Thank you...The show was very well-done and there were some really intriguing performances up there. Such a comlpicated script, but you guys made it entirely understandable and meaningful. It made me start 6-degreeing everyone in my life afterwards! Best of luck with the rest of the run."T. G., Actor and Patron
    "I really enjoyed the production; your actors were fantastic."H. V., Patron
    "the show was great, really great! My friend and I were very impressed. Thanks."G. Y., Patron
    "I really enjoyed Six Degrees last weekend. I have never seen the movie so I had little knowledge of the subject matter. Really nicely done, congrats."R.F., Actor and Patron "You guys caught the feel of '6 Degrees' perfectly."K. F. P., Patron
    "Well done!"T. A., Patron
    "Excellent job."S. D., Patron
    "Thank you! Great!"L. M., Patron
    "[My friends] and I really enjoyed your production of 6 Degrees of Separation tonight."H. T., Actor and Patron
    "Congratulations on this new production of SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION. I saw it last night, it was beautifully staged, all-in-all...Keep up your great work, we look forward to seeing more!"J. S., Patron
    "'Six Degrees of Separation' was so great."G. Y., Patron
    "By the way, great job on 'Six Degrees.' I thought the multi-culturalism in the cast worked very well! It made a strong, positive statement."A. H., Actor and Patron

  • Uncle Hideki & the Empty Nest | Uncle Hideki & the Empty Nest
    "It was fun and I enjoyed the show!"H. D., Actor and Patron
    "Great show."D. H., Patron
    "I enjoyed seeing Jean D. Okimoto's Uncle Hideki and the Empty Nest...Thank you."S. L., Patron
    "Thanks again for the wonderful Hideki is one that will not soon be forgotten."J. E., Participant
    "I was fortunate to see your production of Uncle Hideki, and wanted to compliment the entire production company. It's the first play I have seen in a long time, and it was well worth it...Thank you very much."K. M., Patron
    "Great Play."K. C., Patron

  • 365 Days/365 Plays | 365 Days/365 Plays
    "That was really fun...I really loved the one with wings and the unused characters"L. C., ReAct Board Member
    "I thought [your plays] were great!! I also liked [Week 9's] group (but your scripts were a lot more colorful than theirs were.) My favorite was the outtakes one and 2nd favorite was the flying wings one and third favorite was the chicken wing one."K. H., Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs
    "You were brilliant as usual and how you keep everything organized and running so smoothly I'll never figure out."U. D., Participant
    "Thank you so much for the opportunity! It was a great experience, and I hope to do it again soon."R. R., Participant
    "It was really a delight to participate in 365... I thought it was an incredible evening, everybody was terrific, and really made me want to see more. Thank you."B. C., Participant

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  • You Can't Take It With You | You Can't Take It With You
    "I hope you get good houses as it is really a delightful show."B. C., Actor and Patron
    "Kudos on another great casting by ReAct. For being a 1930s play, You Can't Take It With You, truly showed how quirky American families can be and is timeless. The family quirks emphasized by ReAct couldn't have pieced together a better & crazier family: Grandpa's (Stan Asis) funny shuffle across the stage, Reba's (Rachael Ferguson) squeals & giggles—gosh are infectious, and Virginia Gabby's comedic timing as she pirouettes, bounces and bounds as Essie. How the actors playing the straight-men (Alice/Toni Rose & Tony/Eric Grimes) didn't just burst out laughing. My family and I had a wonderful time at Friday's opening :)"M. V., Patron
    "I enjoyed the show, the cast had really tight performances all around!"H. D., Actor and Patron
    "Fun show!"C. T. M., Patron and former Washington State Arts Commissioner
    "Very funny and well-done."J. B., Patron
    "Just wanted to reiterate that I LOVED You Can't Take It With You!!! You (and the cast) did a fabulous job! I was very proud to share it with my friend!"M. G., ReAct Board Member
    "Saw the PBS version, it was too wacky and the comedy was overdone. Loved ReAct's version. Everyone in the cast fit their roles very well."E. N., Patron
    "Great job. The show was surprisingly well done."A. A., Patron
    "That was great! This has been one of my favorite plays for years."L. A. H., Patron
    "I really enjoyed the show last night. Brought a friend and we both had a great time."C. S., Patron
    "I saw 'You Can't Take It With You' at ReAct and thought you did a wonderful job. I'm a fan of the film and was pleased that you were able to pull it off without it feeling was fun to see"T. M., Patron

  • Wonder of the World | Wonder of the World
    "We all truly enjoyed the show! None of us knew quite what to expect, and we walked away laughing into the night! Thanks for putting on such a great production, and I wish you all the best with this and future shows. I continue to be impressed with your work!"T. G., Actor and Patron
    "It was a fun show!"S. N., Actor and Patron
    "I loved it! I thought the best part of the show was the visual conception - set design, props and their use, lights. It was extremely elegant and very nicely conceptualized and executed. The acting was pretty darn good too, quite uniformly...I loved the waitress/pilot/psychologist!...the end bit was again visually and thematically quite satisfying."S. K., Patron
    "We really enjoyed the play: lots of laughs and an excellent cast and direction...again, we really loved the play."B. F., Patron
    "Oh my god this play was hilarious!!! Go see it!"C. S., Patron
    "Go see [Wonder of the World]. It;s really fun and the actors are wonderful. I always enjoy ReAct's performances and this is one of their best. Don't miss it!"K. M. A., Patron
    "Thank you for a wonderful play this afternoon! It was very entertaining...My favorite characters were played by Kerry. She's a hoot! Ellen, of course, is always hilarious too. Good job!"M. P., Actor and Patron
    "The play was good. Really glad I went."R., Patron
    "I really enjoyed the comedy and the entire show and cast and set and directing by you very much!...BRAVO."H. T., Actor and Patron
    "What a hilarious show. You did a great job."K. A. C., Actor and Patron
    " Wonderfully written...I liked the play. It interested me and made me think of the "direction" I was the play or see the show."T. R., Actor and Patron

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  • The Exonerated | The Exonerated
    "Thank you for presenting this important and powerful piece! Please continue the excellent work! Wonderful!"A. R., Patron and SURVIVOR: FIJI Contestant
    "What a stunning piece of work you've made. I plan to come again next Saturday to savor the language, the acting and your extraordinary use of lighting. Thank you."J. B., Patron
    "I loved it. You may think its heavy and thought provoking and it is. But it does it in a way that breathes life into a dark situation...I enjoyed the show."M. M., Director of Mocksteet Films
    "Enjoyed 'The Exonerated' very much."T. S., Volunteer
    "'The Exonerated' was a terrific experience—I really enjoy docu-theatre especially when done with such love and seamless transitions. I felt for each character. Really liked the staging. Just great work!"F. K., Seattle Repertory Theatre
    "This is a great show."C. S., ReAct Board Member
    "Heavy and good."T. R., Actor and Patron
    "Thanks for producing 'The Exonerated'; what an important piece of work. I found it incredibly thought-provoking, as did the two classes I required to attend! It made for great discussion!"C. V., Actor and Educator
    "I'm so glad I was able to catch 'Exonerated' last night! I left feeling completely wiped out! What an emotional play! Great job!"M. G., ReAct Board Member
    "The show was great! My friend thought it was surprisingly great...I like the staging, projection and lighting. Great job!"K. Y., Actor and Patron

  • Well | Well
    "Congrats on "Well". I really enjoyed the performance!... Thanks!"J.P.G., Actor and Patron
    "I thought your direction was excellent, the ensemble group was talented...really done well."E. M., Patron
    "We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the play—it made us laugh and cry as well as a lot to think about."M. B., Patron
    "It was really, really moving for me."L. B., Patron
    "It was a great show."U. D., Actor and Patron
    "The performance was outstanding!"J. C., Patron

  • Angels in America | Angels in America: Perestroika
    "A great production...WONDERFUL"B. H., Patron
    "We enjoyed it. Congratulations."S. H., Patron
    "Went to see ReAct Theatre's production of Angels in America Part II: Perestroika and it was excellent. I have never seen the plays, only the HBO movies, and I wasn't quite sure how it would hold up.
    It truly showed that for theatre you don't need trap doors, flying mechanisms, or intricate sets to make it worthwhile. The simple set and staging allows for the superb writing and acting to shine through. This is what theatre is all about.
    This is a production not to be, don't walk, to ReAct's
    Angels in America"R. A., Patron
    "Your production still is in my was an exceptional evening, and a production worthy of a much larger audience."E. M., Patron
    "I saw Angels in America last night,...and it was fantastic! If you haven't seen this show, go see it. Pulitzer Prize winning play and great character work."C. K., Actor and Patron
    "It is a beautiful show, thanks so just produce a great product for audiences."D. B., Patron
    "the show is BRILLIANT & well worth seeing." —lK. K., Patron
    "Great job on Angels"S. F., Patron
    "Just wanna say again what a STUNNING job you all did on Angels. Bravo's all around!"M. R., Freelance Music Director
    "Wonderful...!"M. W., Patron
    "Last night I saw the show. Your "Angels" has BALLS! Thank you."M. R., Patron
    "Thank you for the most amazing and moving performance—every actor as strong as the other, terrific direction. I hated for it to be over. I wish I had heard about it sooner, so I could go again."C. B., Patron
    "I just wanted to tell you how much my family loved "Angels". You have such a wonderful thing going, we really enjoy every aspect of the production from the actors, to the directing, lighting, the script was fabulous, everything was just amazing."J. E., Artistic Director, Auburn Regional Theatre
    "I couldn't stick around last night to congratulate you on a really wonderful production. I'd been to Part 1 the night before (underwhelmed, tho' it had some good bits) and was hoping you'd do better. I needn't have worried; y'all did a great job!"E. N., Actor and Patron

  • "That's Entertainment" | "That's Entertainment"

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