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19 JAN 2018


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DAN: "You're not trusting me. I'm in love with you, you're safe."

Angela DiMarco as Alice and Noah Pinegar as Dan in Act 2 of ReAct's staged reading of Closer.
Photo: David Hsieh.

The Cast

(in order of appearance)

Alice, a girl from the town
Angela DiMarco
Dan, a man from the suburbs
Noah Pinegar
Larry, a man from the city
Gordon Hendrickson
Anna, a woman from the country
Shawnmarie Yates-Stanton

LARRY: "How will you know me?"

Gordon Hendrickson as Larry in the internet scene from ReAct's staged reading of Closer.
Photo: David Hsieh.

Directed by
David Hsieh

The Crew

House Technician
David Hsieh
House Manager
Lorna Hee-Chin
Event Assistant
George Paul Glanzman


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By Patrick Marber

Staged Reading

July 29, 2001
The Elliott Bay Book Company

The Program

The Setting

Various locales including St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Anna's Studio, Dan's Flat, the London Zoo Aquarium, a Gallery, a Lapdance Club, a Restaurant, the National Gallery Museum, a Hotel and Postman's Park

ANNA: "Why now, why come for me now?"
ALICE: "Because I felt strong enough; it's taken me five months to convince myself you're not better than me."
Shawnmarie Yates-Stanton as Anna
and Angela DiMarco as Alice in
ReAct's staged reading of Closer.
Photo: David Hsieh.


LARRY: "I'd like to touch you...later."
ALICE: "I'm not a whore."
LARRY: "I wouldn't pay."
Gordon Hendrickson as Larry and
Angela DiMarco as Alice in the
lapdance club scene from ReAct's
staged reading of Closer.
Photo: David Hsieh.


was first presented in the Cottesloe auditorium of the Royal National Theatre, London, on 22 May, 1997. The American premiere was presented on Broadway on 9 March, 1999, at the Music Box Theatre, New York.

Production Notes

>>ReAct's Mainstage Production

ReAct's staged reading of The Book of Liz was produced by special arrangement with DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE, INC.

Special Thanks To...

The Cast & Crew for production support
The Elliott Bay Book Company for venue hosting, loaned set pieces and props
The Elliott Bay Cafe for loaned props
George Paul Glanzman for production support & props
Karen Maeda-Allman for organizational support
Rain City Projects for publicity support
Rick Simonson for organizational support

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