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19 DEC 2017


 Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre - Celebrating Diversity & Great Theater for 25 Years

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CATHERINE: "I want to be your wife."

Anna-Marie Devine, Jessica Skerritt, Jason Kappus and David Hsieh in the wedding scene from ReAct's encore of The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.

The Casts

Catherine Hyatt
Jessica Skerritt
Jamie Wellerstein
Jason Kappus

The Ensemble

At Ethnic Cultural Theatre

Michael Bambauer
Sharon Dummar
Kristyne A. Hughes
Terrell LeGrier

Understudy for The Ensemble 9/18
Amy Bohms

Understudy for The Ensemble 9/20
David Hsieh

At Broadway Performance Hall

Anna-Marie Devine
David Hsieh
May Nguyen
Julian Schrenzel


Jessica Skerritt as catherine and Jason Kappus as Jamie in ReAct's The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.

Directed by
David Hsieh

Music Directed by
Mark Rabe

JAMIE: "Say hello to Cathy Hiatt,
big-time star!"

Jason Kappus as Jamie performing "The Schmuel Song" with Jessica Skerritt as Catherine and accompanist Mark Rabe in ReAct's The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.

The Orchestra

Mark Rabe

JAMIE: "Maybe I could be in love with
Like you..."

Jason Kappus as Jamie performing "Nobody Needs to Know" with May Nguyen in a scene from ReAct's revival of The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.

The Crews

Production Designer
David Hsieh

At Ethnic Cultural Theatre

Stage Manager
Yeojin Chung
Lighting Designer
Evan Merryman Ritter
Assistant Stage Manager
Kristyne A. Hughes
Michael Bambauer

At Broadway Performance Hall

Stage Manager
Rachel Rene
Lighting Designer
David Hsieh
Running Crew
Anna-Marie Devine
May Nguyen

CATHERINE: "He wants me, he wants me,
But he ain't gonna get me!"

Jessica Skerritt as Catherine performing "A Summer in Ohio" with Julian Schrenzel in ReAct's The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.


>>Seattle Weekly
>>Patron Comments

FAN: "What's it like being married to Jamie Wellerstein?"

Jessica Skerritt as Catherine and Jason Kappus as Jamie with the ensemble during Jamie's books-singing in ReAct's The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.


The Last Five Years

Written & Composed by Jason Robert Brown

Revival Production
Originally Produced for the New York Stage by Arielle Tepper and Marty Bell.
Originally Produced by Northlight Theatre, Chicago, IL

September 18 - October 5, 2008
Ethnic Cultural Theatre

November 1 - 9, 2008
Broadway Performance Hall

CATHERINE: "Go and hide and run away!"
Jessica Skerritt as Catherine in
ReAct's The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.


JAMIE: "Just tell me what to do!"
Jason Kappus as Jamie in ReAct's
The Last Five Years encore.
Photo: Justin Burke.

The Program

Musical Numbers

Still Hurting - Catherine
Shiksa Goddess - Jamie
See I'm Smiling - Catherine
Moving Too Fast - Jamie
I'm a Part of That - Catherine
The Schmuel Song - Jamie
A Summer in Ohio - Catherine
The Next Ten Minutes - Jamie and Catherine
A Miracle Would Happen/When You Come Home to Me - Jamie/Catherine
Climbing Uphill - Catherine
If I Didn't Believe In You - Jamie
I Can Do Better Than That - Catherine
Nobody Needs to Know - Jamie
Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You - Catherine/Jamie

JAMIE: "I'm gliding smooth as a figure skater,"
Jason Kappus as Jamie
in a scene during ReAct's
The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.


CATHERINE: "I feel like I'm in a really good space now."
Jessica Skerritt as Catherine
"The Next Ten Minutes" in
ReAct's revival staging of
The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.

The Last Five Years

was first presented by Northlight Theatre at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie, Illinois, on May 23, 2001. The first New York production was presented at the Minetta Lane Theater on February 11, 2002.

Production Notes

Director's Notes

Years ago, my dear friend Stephanie in Chicago saw the original production of The Last Five Years and send me the CD to listen to, urging me to do the show. She, like many others I have encountered since (myself included) quickly fell in love with the piece and the music. I'm always thrilled when I am out wearing my L5Y t-shirt and people come up to me and say..."Wow! That's my favorite musical...Is it playing somewhere?"

The cast photo of ReAct's
original 2005 staging of
The Last Five Years.
Photo: David Hsieh.

ReAct had the great opportunity to produce the show in 2005 when we actually triple cast the musical with 3 marvelous pairs of Jamies and Cathys. We were also one of the first productions to add an ensemble into the show. It was an experience I will always cherish, and we're delighted to have the opportunity to encore our staging again during ReAct's 15th Anniversary season as a last minute programming substitute.

What makes The Last Five Years so special? Well Jason Robert Brown's beautiful music aside, the unique concept of having Jamie's songs move forward in time with Cathy's numbers moving in the reverse, simply gives us an insightful and poignant look at the roller-coaster ride we call love. Every relationship has their ups and downs and ultimately every romance must come to an end...but through the balances staging of this bittersweet romance, we're reminded that with love...even when things are emotionally dark, the bright first flush still exists or can exist again...we survive, nothing is lost forever and the hope for a better future is always possible.

Whether you've experienced love from Jamie's point of view, or Cathy's...or both, we hope you come to enjoy The Last Five Years as much as we do.

--David Hsieh, Director of The Last Five Years

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ReAct's presentation of The Last 5 Years was presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials supplied by MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL, 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019. Tel.: (212) 541-4684 Fax: (212) 397-4684

Jessica Skerritt as Catherine
in ReAct's encore of
The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.


JAMIE: "Will you share your life with me
For the next ten minutes?"
Jason Kappus playing Jamie in
the revival of ReAct's
The Last Five Years.
Photo: Justin Burke.

Special Thanks To...

Ben Bridge Jewelers for donated props
Broadway Performance Hall for production support
Justin Burke for production support and digital photography
David Bush for production support
The Cast & Crews for production support
The Elliott Bay Book Company for promotional support
Ethnic Cultural Theatre for production support
Sarah Nash Gates George Paul Glanzman for production support
Lauren Grosskopf for donated graphic design services
Vera & Joey Ing for donated rehearsal space
Gigi Jhong for donated props
Agastya Kohli for auditions support
Regan MacStravic for digital photography
Cyndie Mastel-Rokicki for production support
Richard McMillan and The Tux Shop for discounted costume rental
Mark Rabe for production support
Jessica Skerritt for donated props
Vladimir Verano for promotional support
Rick Wong & Rk Productions for digital photography

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