School House Rock:
New show by ReAct is a nostalgic journey back to childhood

By Examiner Staff

The thing about community theatre is that it's a whole lot of fun. And ReAct's School House Rock is a lot of that, and then some. Based on the beloved cartoon spots that aired on ABC-TV two decades ago, the show takes the viewers on a nostalgic journey back to childhood. Even those who are too young to remember the educational spots seem to be enjoying the show.

Being "community theater," the show is not quite polished, and at times, it is difficult to hear. The stage is rather minimalist and the costume changes are less than elaborate. But having said that, the individual performances are sharp. And I can't imagine one of the bigger theatres even considering a show such as this, or being able to deliver it such a fun format. Kudos to all the cast, not one can be criticized. More importantly, the cast of multi-ethnic performers seems to truly enjoy themselves. This makes a world of difference. Although I don't want to single anyone out, Candice Wickson and Amy Jo Diebold are especially superb.


April 3 - April 16, 2002

In & Around Town

Repertory Actors Theatre (ReAct)
School House Rock Live!
The Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center
Through April 7.

© 2002 The International Examiner. Reprinted with permission by ReAct.

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