Elegantly sexy Closer gives an intimate look at modern relationships

By Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid
Staff Writer

So when did it become difficult for people to just get together? Maybe when getting together took on the larger tag of "the relationship," a thing unto itself. This is the setting four strangers find themselves in after fate throws them together.

Dan meets Alice (Scott Plusquellec and Angela DiMarco) in the emergency room after "scooping her up" when she is nearly run down by a car, crossing the street. They have an immediate rapport and though Dan is involved, the two flirt and it's obvious something will happen. Then he meets Anna (Shawn Yates), at her photographic studio, where she is taking portrait shots of him for her newest show. Sparks fly again, and things get even more complicated as Dan desires Anna, who is married, while Alice has fallen head over heals for Dan and has overheard the heated exchange between them. Alice was waiting downstairs, and ends up getting her photo taken too.

Enter the strange Internet "prank" Dan pulls on Larry, as Dan pretends to be a horny woman and gets Larry (Gordon Hendrickson), all excited and a meeting is arranged. Only the "Anna" (Shawn Yates), Larry meets isn't Dan, but Anna from the photo studio, who is at the meeting place (an aquarium) mulling over her feelings for Dan. More complications ensue and by the time this play is over, everyone has slept together, broken up, broken each other's hearts and learned some harsh lessons about the strange journey that love is.

A work of art, this piece is a delightful experience, even when the mud-slinging between betrayed lovers is going hot and heavy. Made even better by a skilled cast and David Hsieh's light-handed direction, Closer moves the viewer on many levels, not the least of which is dark humor, which runs through this piece like a vein of gold. Do see it, whether you're in the middle of the messiest breakup of the century, or you're starry-eyed in love.

August 23, 2002


Directed by David Hsieh
Starring Angela DiMarco, Gordon Hendrickson, Scott Plusquellec and Gordon Hendrickson
Repertory Actors Theatre at the Bathhouse Theatre
Aug. 15-Sept. 1

© 2002 Seattle Gay News. Reprinted with permission by ReAct.

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